5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Your Business Page

Google My Business Listings can generate new clients, but they must be optimised.... and updated often.

  1. Name, Address, and Phone Number
  2. Categories and Attributes
  3. Add Images
  4. Add your Operating Hours
  5. Ask For Reviews

For those of you who may not be aware there is an important tool to add to your marketing arsenal. In fact, this new tool is becoming so important that it maybe surpassing the need for a great website. That new tool is your Google My Business listing.

This article will not cover the fact that you need to claim your business listing. That information can be found Elsewhere on this site and many others. For the purposes of this article, I will list the five things you need to do to optimize your Google my business listing once you've climbed it.

Name, Address, and Phone Number

Of course you must list your business name, address, and phone number. Well there is an accepted to that! If you are a service business where are your customers do not come to your office, there will be a point during the process that which you list your address as not being visible. Then you will go on to list your service area.

To further explain, consider that you are a service business such as an electrician in Marietta Georgia. You may service all or parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area. in most cases you will not want your clients coming to your place of business. You have service trucks and technicians that drive out to the location of the residence or small Commercial Business that you will be doing the repairs and upgrades to.

In that particular case when you list your address Google will give you the opportunity to hide it. The same goes for being a local listings now as well. In many cases it seems counterintuitive to do this. But stop to think about it. Wouldn't you rather list the areas of town the states or the whole United States that you serve instead of just listing a vague 25 Mi radius around your office space question

Is a matter of fact, I've had contractors call me who had been suspended because they were messing around, changing back and forth between showing their address and hiding it.

So the bottom line is if you are a contractor, hide your address. On the other hand if you are a dentist, lawyer, pizza parlor, for other business that has clients coming to your location, you should show your address.

Categories and Attributes

Categories of business indicate the type of work that you do and attributes indicate the background or status of your business. A category would be that you are a plumbing business. An attribute would be that you are veteran owned and operated.

In the case of categories, this business is an advertising agency. But it's also a media Consulting business, a website designer, and a pay-per-click manager. The problem is there is no category for pay-per-click. Go figure! so you might qualify for more than one category. Be sure to list them all.

Then skip a little further down and you will see a seldom-used tag icon that says add attributes. When you click on the attributes tag you will notice that the pop down gives you the choices of Veteran-led or woman-led organization.

Add Images

If you aren't taking pictures of your business, client, the products you manufacture and sell, then you're missing something. Google likes to show pictures on this listing. People will look at those. The better the pictures bet the better off you'll be. The higher the quality of pictures is a plus. But don't let that hold you back. Everyone has cell phones now, so take a picture now and post it to your Google my business page.

Add your Operating Hours

If you have set operating hours this is the place to add them. There may be days like Saturday and Sunday that you're close. Make that notation. You will have opportunities from time to time to add special holidays that you will be opened. Google actually send you notifications and ask you questions are you going to be open this July 4th.

Ask For Reviews

This is also the place where you can look at your Google reviews. As the manager or owner of your business, you should come here daily to respond to any good reviews or bad ones that you may have.

Bonus Tip: Add Your Website URL

And finally, as a bonus tip, be sure to add your url. Your website link is a major Plus. If you have one it should never beat left off. If you don't have a website, fear not! A lot of people will call you and never visit the website. Just make sure you have your name address and phone number listed correctly.