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PPC Management, Adwords Advertising, and Marketing Expert

Lead Generation: Plumber, HVAC, Attorney & More

You pay a lot to market your service. The goal is to Generate Sales Leads.

Google is the gatekeeper. With more than twenty years of experience in lead generation, Bob Rutledge knows what triggers consumer interest. He is a master at using Google's key marketing tools.

This Time Hire an Expert, Not an Agency

Stop with the herd instinct thing. You thought it was safe using a digital marketing agency recommended by your wholesaler supply house. If you are an attorney, you hired the one all your competition hired.

Following the crowd is not getting you new customers at a price you can afford. Call an expert. One that will personally work on your account and not farm it out.

Bob Rutledge is a Digital Marketing Expert, with Decades of Experience

Put my experience to work for your company to generate more inquiries into your company's products or services. I generate sales leads from:

  1. Your Company Website

  2. Your Google My Business Listing

  3. Your Google Local Services Listing

  4. Your Google and Bing Ads

Leads can be created for purposes such as brand building, e-newsletter list generation, or for phone calls that lead to customer acquisition.... ie. more sales! Call Bob now at 251-241-9111.

RS Andrews Air Conditioning Heating Electrical Plumbing
Berkeys heating Air plumbing Electrical
A#1 Air
Painting Plus
fence contractor

Because you want to succeed like RS Andrews, Berkeys, A#1 Air, Silverstate Refrigeration, and more, you'll will call Bob at 251-241-9111 now. Put my experience with these companies to work for your contracting business.

Today is the day you start planning for greater success in 2020.

It takes experience to properly install a heating and air, water heaters, roofing, and wiring. It also takes experience to market contracting businesses on the internet so you can make a profit.

Google, Youtube, Adwords, and now, Google My Business, offer contractors marketing tools that will grow your business profitably.

I package marketing products to fit your service area, goals, and budget. Call me now.

Proximity MarketingLocal Search Engine Marketing

Many service contractors like plumbers, electricians and heating and air installers are masters at their trade and complete boobs when it comes to marketing know-how.

For the small contractor to enjoy great success in their local area, they need to find ways to increase their visibility on the web.

When potential customers do a local search for your service your website must show in the SERPS and your brand must be recognized as a quality firm to do business with. A tall order to accomplish on your own.

Lead Generation

Attorneys and plumbers have a lot in common. They need leads. They need phones ringing with new customers on the other end.

Google My Business

There is a free tool called Google My Business. Just because it's free, most contractors think it doesn't so much for local marketing.  It is more powerful than your website. They are wrong.

Proximity Marketing

Google My Business is a tool. In the hands of a craftsman, you know miracles are produced. Bob Rutledge is to GMB what you are to the law, plumbing, remodeling, heating, and air... You should call right now to get more info from Bob. Call him at 251-241-9111 now.

Website Design

Inhouse, Affordable Development and Design. Convert Lookers to Buyers

An attractive, responsive website is not an option for HVAC, Plumbers, and other contractors. Potential customers see you for the first time through a website/landing page tailored to that keyword.

Targeted Traffic

Google Local Services, Adwords, Bing Ads, Youtube Ads, Remarketing

Get more converting traffic to your website while building your brand. The tools employed include using paid per click, remarketing, Youtube videos and ads, Facebook business pages and ads, and more.

Optimize GMB

Optimized Listing, Rich Posts, Photos, & Videos Boost Local Maps Listing 

Not to mention Google Reviews! Add valuable content via weekley post. Get listings to show on more Google Maps. Google Maps are the the MVP of local search for contractors.

"Most of my clients have had it with MTA360, Hibu, Scorpion, .... you name the agency, they've tried them. Everything was cookie cutter.

They had an account manager. It took group meetings to get the simplest things done.

If you want hands-on, personal service, and a plan that works , you call me. If you want to overpay for SEO, call them. That may seem arrogant, but after two decades and millions of dollars in ad spend, I know what works, I have the numbers to prove it, and how much it should cost a contractor."  - Bob Rutledge, Digital Marketing Expert

Steadily build your brand, customer loyalty, and profits. This is an affordable marketing process for service contractors like heating and air, plumbing, and electrical. Build a profitable small business whether your a lawyer or painter, fence builder or a doctor.

To Ask Questions or Get Your Marketing Program Started, Call Bob at 251-241-9111 Now!

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