Affiliate Rewards Program

affiliate marketing gift card

Send clients my way. If they do business with MicroManaged Media, Inc. you receive $100 Walmart or Amazon Gift Card Awards for every $1,000 the contractors spends. (Read Details Below)

The Rewards keep coming for the first full year. It can add up to thousands!

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MicroManaged Media, Inc.

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One third of all contractors will change marketing agencies this year. That is a big opportunity for us both. 


What I do


Update Feb 12, 2020


Affiliate Rewards Earn $100 Walmart or Amazon Gift Cards


This program can be modified, suspended, or withdrawn at anytime, without notice. Check here often. 


The contractor must mention your name as the one that gave him my name. I will always ask and I will contact you asap to let you know what’s going on.


Earn $100 or more in  Walmart or Amazon Gift Cards


To qualify, arrange for me to talk to a contractor that is in the market for Digital Marketing Services. If we do business, you earn the Affiliate Rewards.


The rewards are based on their spend with MicroManaged Media, Inc. The reward period includes the first 12 months the contractor does business with MicroManaged Media, Inc.


Each $1,000 the contractor pays MicroManaged Media, Inc. will earn the affiliate marketer $100 paid via Walmart or Amazon gift card. The rewards will be delivered to the affiliate by the 5th of the month and after 60 days have elapsed since the contractor’s  payment was received.


$1.000 = $100 Gift Card. A 1099 must be completed before the 6th card is awarded in one calendar year.


This does not apply to payments made to outside companies like Google or Microsoft that the contractor may use as a consequence or our business arrangement.


Offer may be withdrawn or modified at any time and without notice.


My Target Client


What I do


Service Companies that need sales leads. 

Fence Builders, Plumbing Contractors, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors, Residential Painters, Roofers, Fence Builders, Electricians, Siding Contractors, Deck Builders and more.


Our Aardee Home Services Affiliate marketing Program is limited to HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors in the Pensacola, Mobile area at this time. It will be rolled out to other metro areas soon, so contact me now if interested.


Services I provide


Website Design

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads

Google Local Services

Bing/Microsoft Ads

Google My Business

Google Maps

Google Reviews

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Youtube Videos


They will leave, MTA360, Hibu, Scorpion, and Rocket Media. Help me be there when they are looking for a change and earn affiliate rewards.