Don't Hire Me for Pay Per Click Management

Both large and small contractors have to compete on the same playing field when it comes to Google ads and Bing ads. Well known ppc agencies essentially say “Don’t Hire Me” by charging high start up fees and minimum monthly spends.

But I have a solution.

Digital Marketing for Small to Medium Contractors

It's baseball season, so I'll use a baseball analogy. The key to success for small to medium contractors is to hire a a great utility player. Some who’s good enough to start at second base, third base, or the outfield. The fact that he is good at all of those positions makes him even more valuable to the team.

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Small businesses need a digital marketing guru with the ability to play multiple positions well. Someone who's a pay per click manager and also great at website design. Throw in other skill sets like Google My Business, Google Local Services, and Reputation Management. Now you have a 5 Tool Player. The baseball manager that signs him will get all the positions that need to be covered and save money.

Look up the playing career of Babe Ruth, Robin Yount, Craig Biggio, and Stan Musial. They all played multiple positions and they are all in the Hall of Fame.

To continue the baseball analogy, I can play all the skilled positions your company needs without breaking the bank. The benefit to your roofing, painting, siding or other service contracting company is that you save money.

Large Start Up Fees and High Minimum Monthly Spends Keep You Out of the Game

The problem you face are large start up fees and big monthly spends required by digital marketing agencies. You can't play at their game. If you're an HVAC contractor, plumber, fence builder, or lawyer, your advertising dollars have to compete against large firms.

A contractor with dozens trucks or a practice with 60 associates has budgets you can only dream of. How can you compete with them in the game of pay per click marketing, not to mention all the tools required for a successful digital footprint?

Large digital marketing agencies require a setup fee of $1,000 to $3,000. Add to that a monthly minimum spend of at least $5,000. The average flooring contractor cannot afford this. The average small business doesn't need this. Your service area is much smaller than theirs, so you don't need to spend as much money on pay per click marketing.

You Need to Hire an Expert

You need someone who is Google Certified. A Google Partner. But because of your limited budget, no one will take your business. If you spend less than $1,000 a month on pay per click with Google or Bing, you basically have to do it yourself. But because you are competing with professional digital marketing agencies, your success is minimal at best and disastrous in most cases.

You need landing pages that garner a good quality score and convert lookers in to callers and buyers. The website has to be attractive and easy to navigate. It must load fast or Google will penalize it. A website must be responsive for smartphones. That is a tall order.

Finally, you must collect good Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc reviews. Bad ones are easy to get, even when you don't deserve them. You need a platform that will systematically gather reviews and feature them on you website.

All of that I still haven't mentioned Google My Business set up and regular updates. Yes! I do all of this and more.

Affordable Flat Rate Bundle Services

I have developed many digital marketing talents over my 20 years of experience.

  • Pay per click management,
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Website design
  • Google My Business Optimization, and more.

Get cost effective bundled services priced at an affordable flat rate.

You can afford a Digital marketing Officer at a fraction of the cost.

Large Agencies Don’t Want You

All the large agencies advertising on Google Ads and Bing Ads require high minimums.They will take your money and lock you into a one year contract. At the prices big digital marketing agencies charge, it's obvious that they don't want you.

Stop doing business with them and stop trying to do it yourself. Pick up the phone now and call Bob Rutledge.

I am far more than just a PPC manager. I have a wide ranging digital marketing skill set. Let's bungle some digital services together so I can save you time and money without high minimums and long contracts. Call Bob Rutledge at 251-241-9111 now.