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Taking a great idea and making it a reality is our modus operandi. When we noticed great companies were getting mostly bad reviews, we asked why? The answer is human nature. If you love the new truck you bought, you never call the manufacturer and dealer to thank them. But if you have problems..... HELL WILL RAIN DOWN!
To get good reviews, you have to ask and make it easy. Visit our site, GetBetter.Reviews to discover how you can Get Better Reviews!


Explode Your Growth and Profitability When You Get Better Reviews, More Reviews

Are Customer Reviews Important For Digital Marketing?

It seems like that every year we run it to new obstacles when marketing. 2017 is no different. Online reviews have now taken precedent over most every other category of successful internet marketing triggers. If you do not have good reviews, no matter how much money you spend on pay per click for instance, you will not convert shoppers to a client.

It's no secret that online reviews have gained significance. You may be asking yourself just how important are they to marketing on the internet? Do they really make or break your efforts?

Purchasing Decisions Made After Reading Reviews Approaching 90%

You look for reviews in both quantity and quality. Do they impact in the decision-making process of a shopper and therefore in impact your bottom line? Yor bet they do! I have two decades of experience at Search Engine Marketing. I see the impact of reviews daily.

The number of online customers checking out your reviews is increasing at an incredible rate. According to surveys 90% Trust online reviews, good or bad In many people's minds these online reviews have more weight than personal recommendations from friends and family. That is an astonishing fact! Just a few years ago my marketing efforts always included a listing on the Better Business Bureau website. That is no longer true. Now I make sure that I post recent Google reviews on the website so that the customer does not have to navigate a way to check out my clients.

If you are not offering user reviews, or ignoring them, you do it at your own peril. Reviews are now driving the market. Google knows that. Therefore Google is coming out with new advertising formats that critically involve the usage of Google reviews.

A Better Way to Get Online Reviews is Here

My clients describe a roadblock consistently experienced by service contractors.

My clients describe a roadblock consistently experienced by service contractors.  They have asked satisfied customers to leave them a Google review. The client intends to give you a great review. REALLY! But days go by and no review. The good, 5 star review, never get posted. The only people that post a review or the people that are not happy with your service.

That's human nature! Think about it. You have just purchased a new truck. you are very happy with the truck and you tell other people but do you ever call the manufacturer to tell them what a great vehicle they've produced? Have you called the dealership, and tell them how much you loved the deal they made and the quality of the vehicle they sold?

Provide a Hand Holding System Leading Clients to Easily Giving a Good Review

So don't get angry when your own customers behave exactly the way you do. You need to find a way to provide them a hand holding experience that leads them to giving you a good review. You need to find a way to screen out the ones that are going to give you a Bad Review.

We have put together a systematic way for you to request reviews from your clientele. It does all the follow up, and it contacts your customers numerous times because people will forget. It also screens out the ones that are not going to give you such a good review.

When you get these bad reviewers before they can actually leave a review you have a chance to fix it. Make things right. No matter what the cost in most cases, make the customer happy. If they leave you a bad review, that review will last on the internet forever.

Contact micromanaged media today and we will show you how to get your marketing dollars going further, making a better Roi, and get good and more reviews from your clientele.

I don't intentionally leave Facebook reviews out of this conversation. Both are important.

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