Google Maps is more important than Google search results.
 Google Maps is more important than Google search results.

Google Map views are better than being at the top of the search engine for keywords.

Up until a couple of years ago the number one goal for a small business was to get there business listed under a vinyl topic used search. That search must of course show up on Google. 

So if you own a heating and air conditioning company, you would want to show up under a c repair. The same would go for plumbing. You would want to show up under water heater installation, pipe repairs, emergency plumber, and more.

Now that Google has added the Google Maps section, it has pushed the search engine results further down the page. It no longer is beneficial to be listed number one for AC repair if you are an air conditioning contractor. It is no longer beneficial to be listed under divorce attorneys if you are I divorce attorney.

The key now is to be seen in the maps section. That is accomplished by posting relevant articles about your business on your Google my business page. Also posting relevant articles on your website is another key trigger. Combining the two virtually assures that you will be ranked in the map section!