Knowledge is the key to success in any business. You know your business. At least the technical side of it. But you don’t know anything about accounting. You don’t know anything about servicing your company vehicles. Or at least not enough. And you don’t know anything about marketing.

Yet marketing is probably the biggest expense you have outside of Labor. Face it, you can’t become an expert at marketing, especially the internet variety. So you do what you’ve always done.

You do yellow page ads, radio and tv, and dare I say it; TV.

Marketing is just too complicated. I’m not saying that to be condescending. I would never pretend to become a Plumber, Heating and Air Conditioning contractor, auto mechanic, lawyer, Etc.

You shouldn’t flounder in your business because you don’t know marketing.

For instance did you know the biggest thing going right now is Google my business. You’re probably already getting Robocalls about it! For goodness sake I wish those things would stop. They certainly make my job harder.

Because when you do get a call from a legitimate internet marketing person, you don’t take it. It it can’t be real. It must be a charlotten. It must be someone calling from the Dominican Republic!

Will you at least check out my work? Call my clients. I will be glad to give you all the references you need. I will be glad to answer the questions you need to have answered. But stop floundering in your business because you don’t know marketing.
Let me repeat it again because it bears repeating. Google My Business is the most important tool a small service business can use for getting the word out about your services and products. But it takes constant updating.

You don’t know what to say or do. You don’t know how to make it look professional. And so you do nothing. Oh, you have the best of intentions! After a few cracks at it, you forget to post for another year. But your competition doesn’t.

Call now to begin a marketing plan that will work. Make me your new director of marketing.