Local Search Marketing: Google Maps

Boost Google Maps Views

Google my business has a large influence on how you rank in the Google search engine. But it’s not the only Factor. Making post on your   websites blog is another major ranking Factor.

You are small business in trying to keep up with local search engine marketing. But what is search engine marketing? Local search engine marketing is anything to do with making your website and your physical business show up in the listings and stimulating customers to give you a call or come by and visit.

One form of small local company would be a coffee shop or Eatery. Obviously their customers have to come to them. Although on the new age people do get a lot of home delivery. But if you’re a heating and air contractor you go to your customer. So it’s a different type of marketing.

Local search engine marketing for you is comprised of post to the Google my business account, post to your website, posts on Facebook, and posts on Instagram. Your content should be about your local organization and the types of work you do.