Running Ads On Google Adwords Is Good, but

Not Advertising (Pay Per Click) On Bing and Yahoo? You're Missing 30% of Local Searches!

Bing is the default search engine on all desktops using Windows. It powers, and The search engine is also the default of Apple iPhones, Kindle Fire tablets, Xbox, and many others. You think you are using Google, but you actually Binged it. Your small business, especially a heating and air contractor or plumber, is missing a lot of business.

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Contradictory to popular belief, not everyone uses Google to search the web. Only about 70 percent of web searchers in the United States flock to Google for their web searching needs, the other 30 percent use Bing.

To some business owners the smart choice would be to just target Google search engine users but this decision could cause one to miss out on reaching millions of potential customers. In order to allow your marketing to reach its full potential one should also include Bing users.

Fewer Advertisers

Lower Cost Per Click

When you thing PPC you think Google Adwords. So does everyone else.

So does everyone else. Since there is less competition for keywords, our clients benefit from lower cost per click (CPC). Our clients get a higher ROI when we include Bing and Yahoo in the campaigns we manage.

Your Ad Stands Out

Fewer Competitors Appearing in SERPs

Fewer advertisers for most search terms mean fewer ads appear alongside the organic listings.

You need a competitive advantage when and where you can get it. Advertising for local service companies is as cut-throat as it gets. Bing and Yahoo make it easier for your ad to entice new customers. Your ad gets a higher click thru rate.

Greater ROI

Cost Per Click is a Fraction of Google

The clients are the same. You just pay less for them.

Lowering your costs to acquire new business easily translates to a greater profit. Take advantage of the cheaper keywords. It doesn't hurt to give Google a little competition for your advertising dollars.

Bing Pay Per Click for HVAC and Plumbers


You Will Pay More Managing Your Own PPC


How much do we charge to manage your pay per click account? A flat 10% of your company's spend. In most cases, we earn our keep by lowering your cost per click, increasing your conversion rate, and removing the headache managing an account. Google and Bing have made pay per click management very complicated. It's become a full time enterprise. If you make one minor mistake, you'll waste 10%, 25% or more of your budget.

We provide the contractor with a custom website just for pay per click advertising.[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=""]You'll finally be able to take full advantage of all the extensions for your ads, increasing the click thru rate, improving quality score, lowering the cost per click, and improving your ROI.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - No Contracts! Deposit applied to monthly balance.

Call Tracking, Call Recording Included - Know the Quality of the Leads Instantly.

Save Time and Money When We Manage Your PPC

Writing ads, AB testing, rewriting ads, keyword research, choosing "broad match", "phrase match", "exact match", should you add broad match modifiers, bid strategies, scheduling, landing pages, and on and on. This affects something called the "quality score" of your ad and that determines how much you pay per click. Then you have page extensions in about 5 flavors. Which to use? Do they work in your industry?

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, it is. Bidding on the wrong keywords, having a low quality score, poor landing pages, not tracking phone calls, or all of the above and you'll waste far more than the 10% fee charged to manage your account.

Pay Per Click Advertising Requires Expertise

You are the technical expert in your field. You've spent decades learning your trade. Heating and Air and Plumbing are specialized practices. So is pay per click advertising. For more than a decade, we have been developing principles and practices that will make your local advertising campaign a success. Only a fool would jump into it without years of hands on training and full time, personal experience.


MicroManaged Media Will Set up and Manage Your Pay Per Click Account for a Fee of 10% of Your Company's Actual Spend

To give you an idea of who Bing Users are think about the owners of an XBOX, Kindle Fire, and Amazon Fire Phone. The web search on these devices is more than likely powered by Bing.

In addition to harboring about 30% of online web searchers, Bing Ads are offered at a lower cost when compared to Google AdWords. This is because the Bing cost-per-click is less expensive than what Google offers. Choosing Bing Ads is a great way to reach more potential buyers inexpensively.

If you already have a Google AdWords account set-up and want to create one for Bing, you can import campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads and more from your Google account. You can easily import your existing Google campaign to Bing with the following steps.

  1. Log into your Bing account, if you do not have one, take a few minutes to create one.
  2. Once you are logged locate the top right bar on your screen and click on the option “Import Campaigns”, then select the option for Import from Google AdWords.
  3. This will guide you to a screen to log into Google, input your login information, click sign in then select the option to Accept.
  4. Choose the campaign that you would like to be imported to Bing then click the Continue option.
  5. This will lead you to the “Bing Ads Accounts & Import Options” screen. Here you will be able to select which Bing Ads account you would like to import into, select the correct time zone, configure “What to Import”, and decide on what options to pick under “Bids and Budgets.”
  6. When done select “Import.”

If you do not have a Google AdWords or Bing Ads word then you can just create one. One of the first steps is to determine what your campaign settings will be. This step is very important because this will establish what demographic you will be targeting.

Next you will create you budget for your campaign. You can choose how much you would like to spend on a day to day or monthly basis.

Now time to add a title, the description, the display, and the destination URL. Remember to include a catchy title and a description line that urges the potential customer to buy or inquire about your services.

Next you must now choose your keywords. Your keywords should coincide with whatever you are marketing, but remember try not to be too broad.

Keywords are expensive on Bing/Yahoo and Google Adwords. In most cases, they are lower priced on Bing and Yahoo.

Our Mission: Make Pay Per Click Advertising Affordable

We are a very small search marketing business and you'll love that aspect. You will receive the attention you deserve, not just an the beginning, like with bigger companies like Yellow Pages -, Reachlocal, and Yodle. You are the owner of your business and you should deal directly with the owner of ours - Bob Rutledge.

If you are not making a profit, you should be able to stop any advertising campaign. The reason our competition requires a contract is because they know you'll seldom profit from their Bing Advertising, Yahoo Marketing and Google Adwords campaign. No contract required here. Just a small deposit that will be spread over the first ten month we manage your ads.


No Contracts! Fire Us Anytime.

Any study of economics will show that there are too many advertising/media outlets and too few advertising dollars. So how can a company force you to sign a contract? They prey on your ignorance. Ant that lack of knowledge will fill you... literally in too many cases. A small contractor can not afford to lose money on advertising. You will never forced into a contract with our firm.

Get Results Fast or Fire Us

For more than a decade, we have honed our skills and are ready to put them to work for you. Contracts bind you to losers. None of that here. If you are not satisfied, you can fire us at anytime.

Now, understand that we have standards, too. Most of our clients have been with us since the beginning. If we part ways, its becasue we ended the relationship in most cases.