Affordable Indoor Digital Signage Company

Digital signage turnkey solutions. Budget prices. Google Sign Builder. Google Chromebox. Google Chromebit.

Turnkey Digital Solution

Are you looking for a corporate communications, indoors retail signs. restaurant menu board, of similar digital signage.

Call me for consulting services,  hardware, TVs and media players. Or I can use equipment provided by you. I can design and deploy Youtube Videos, on your channel or a vendors, Live Social Media feeds, and Content Creation and Management.

Downright Cheap Media Players and Content Development

I employ Google Chrome Sign Builder, Google Slides, your existing Youtube videos and more. I use the cloud and everything can be controlled from my location. Most changes are included in low monthly fee.

Call now to discuss your needs. 251-241-9111.

Digital Signage Service Area

I can maintain and deploy your content nationwide. For turnkey service, unless for a large project, my service area is Lake Charles, LA to  Tallahassee, FL. Mobile to Hattiesburg.

Use Affordable TVs, Media Players, CMS, In House Content Design. Simple Off the Shelf Solutions. Low Cost Content Design and Management. Local Sales and Service. Nationwide Content Design and Management.

Buy or Lease. TVs. Media Players, CMS, Content Design. Simple Off the Shelf Solutions. Low Cost Content Design and Management. Call for a consultation and quote.

Google Sign Builder, Chromebox, and Chromebit

The best media players use powerful off the shelf technology that is both affordable and durable.

How Can Digital Signage Help Your Company?

Watch Video = Purchase Product

Were you aware that anywhere from 65-85% of consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product video?

Digital Signage is Hard to Ignore

Doesn't that make investing in a digital signage campaign that brings you to this space is hard to ignore?

The digital marketing format yields long-term cost savings, gives you the flexibility to make last minute changes in a campaign, increases interest to your store and products, and gives you an ROI that makes moving into the Digital Age a really smart.