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Local SEO Must Haves

Small businesses can only grow whe new clients are calling. Pay-per-click is an essential tool for reaching your customers that are ready to buy now, but it is expensive. With local search engine optimization, you'll get customers near your geographic location with a better ROI. It is the most cost effective method of marketing available to service businesses.

Local SEO must include:

  1. Geo Targeted long-tail keyword phrases.
  2. Earning customer reviews.
  3. An updated Google Business Profile Profile.
  4. PPC Targeted Landing Pages for High Conversions.
Contractor Marketing Services
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fence
  • Roofers
  • Renovation
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Flooring

Local SEO, PPC Management, Website Design, Google Business Profile, Google Maps, High Converting Landing Pages

Contractor Marketing Services

Photo Uploader Form/App

August 25, 2022

There are many reasons to take job site photos.You want to take before pictures to show the client that you didn’t cause damage that had already been there. You want to take after pictures to document how the well the project turned out. You want to take photographs of work being done. All of this…

Painter pay Per Click Manager Bob Rutledge

Influencer Marketing: Smarter and More Targeted

February 1, 2022

You have witnessed influence or marketing on a bigger scale. Like when LeBron James endorses exercise equipment. What we’re talking about here are people who are more into niches like flooring or windows or home remodeling doing videos that attract people who are interest in that topic. Be a micro influencer yourself. Brands are getting…

Google Partner

Google Gets Smarter and Local SEO Evolves

February 1, 2022

Search engine algorithms are getting smarter and they are using user intent to better understand contacts. This is why instead of honing in on a single keyword or several variations of that keyword you should become involved in weaving a web of related concepts so that the search engines, in particular Google, understands the difference…

Local Search Marketing

Google Maps, Google Business Profile, Website Design, and Pay Per Click Ads

Local Search Marketing has several key components, but the chief ones are:

  1. Getting listed in Google Maps is the top priority. To make that happen, Google Business Profile must be managed.
  2. A great website that loads fast, is optimized for smart phones and converts visitors to callers is next.
  3. Maximise service area coverage with pay-per-click advertising. Here you can focus on your main service and all the secondary services you provide.