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Hire a Digital Marketing Expert, Not a Digital Marketing Agency

You weren't happy with your last PPC manager, you're not happy with the current marketing agency either. Why?

Too Expensive. Impersonal. Poor Results.

This time, take a different approach. Hiring an agency located on the left or right coast gets you two things.

  1. A staff full of inexperienced children,
  2. Their cost of living is 3x that of everywhere else.

Somebody's got to pay for it, but it shouldn't be you.

Digital Marketing Price List

You are a service contractor in a mid sized city or suburb of a large city. Your dream is to get as profitable as possible with 3 to 20 technicians.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is Bob Rutledge. I was born in the mid 50's. I have been knee deep in making business management more efficient and profitable since the term "microcomputers" was coined. Thus the name, MicroManaged Media, Inc.

Pensacola FL Google

Since Before Google Existed

I have been doing website design, search engine optimization, and PPC management for my own business since the mid 90's. The name of my company was Gorilla Vitamins. Back then I spent $30,000 a month on something unheard of called "pay per click advertising". The ads appeared at the top of the top search engine in that day, Yahoo!

I had to get good. It was my money I was spending!

In 1999, I took those skills and started doing lead generation for plumbers, heating and air contractors, fence builders, dentists, painters, and more. I owned 300 websites and got remarkable results with SEO alone.

I could go on, because there is much more and it's interesting, but I will save that conversation for later.


Let's Get Your Company To The Top of the Search Engines

Right now, I would rather hear how you got started, the adversities you've overcome, and how you want to get better results from marketing on the internet so you can grow your company.

Call me at 251-241-9111. It is my cell phone. I'll be the one answering it because your baby deserves personal attention.

Call Bob Rutledge Now at 251-241-9111.

Get up to

$600 OFF

Your Digital Marketing Package

Include Your Web Address and Questions or Needs. Website Design, Local SEO, PPC Management, Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Reviews.

My name is Bob Rutledge, and I will call you back. I will not spam you. I will not share your information.

I live in South Alabama. If you deal with digital marketing agencies on the east or west coast you are overpaying inexperienced children that have beliefs about this country directly opposed to yours and mine.

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Bob Rutledge

All the website design, content writing, pay per click management, Google My Business management, local SEO, and more are done by me.

When you hire MicroManaged Media, you are getting me. When you call or email, I will be on the other end. I can count all my clients on my fingers and toes and will never "scale" beyond that. I hope you'll call or email now. Begin getting the personalized service you deserve.

Local SEO, PPC Management, Website Design, Google My Business, Google Maps, High Converting Landing Pages

Bob Rutledge Digital Marketing Agency
Bob Rutledge Digital Marketing Agency

This Time Hire an Expert, Not an Agency

This time look to the South for your internet marketing Guru. My name is Bob Rutledge and I live near Gulf Shores Alabama. Digital marketing has been my primary career for more than 20 years.

Practical Experience

I got started 1999 with an e-commerce site, selling millions of dollars in vitamins ( - closed in 2013). Almost all that time I was marketing for dentists, plumbers, heating and air and other service business.

I got started 1999 with an e-commerce site, selling millions of dollars in vitamins ( - closed in 2013). Almost all that time I was marketing for dentists, plumbers, heating and air and other service business.

I have served clients from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Many of my clients have been with me since 2009.  Now I own a startup flooring company ( - Vinyl Plank Flooring sales and installation) with plans to franchise. That business allows me to put my skills to work in the real world, with my money at steak, so that I can perfect them and put them to work for you.

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