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Google Adwords Agency for Local Air Conditioner, Plumbing, Electrical, Fencing, Roofing, and Painting Contractors

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This a sole proprietor operated Search Engine Marketing agency, specializing in PPC Management. I am a Google Partner, and limit my practice to service contractors: HVAC, Plumbing, Fencing, Electrical, Painting, Roofing, and Siding Contractors.

ppc manager

Managing $60,000 Google and Bing Spend Per Month

I personally manage almost $60,000 per month in Google spend, almost that much in Bing Ad spend and have passed the necessary exams to be a Google Partner.

Google Partner vs. Premier Google Partner

Note: The only difference between a Google Partner and a Premier Google Partner is the number of employees. Larger agencies not only have more overhead, but they only have to have one Google Adwords certified professional.


The odds are that the individual working on your account has never passed the required exams.


hvac, plumbing, electrical, fence, painter, roofer website design
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managed ppc

The benefit is that you are assured that a certified Google Adwords Partner will ALWAYS work on your account.

I design the best websites you will find priced in the moderate range. I only use WordPress hosted on reliable, secure, and fast Google and Amazon servers.

Visit the new website for our HVAC client in Tucson, AZ. Tucson Silver State Refrigeration and HVAC, LLC.

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Get More Calls For Less. All Results, No Excuses

July 1-July 31, 2018

2592 Calls

What Does MicroManaged Media Do?

PPC Management

Search Engine Optimization services are a complete waste of money. Pay Per Click works. My expertise was developed thru $1,000,000 in spend. I am the PPC guru you've been looking for. Call now!

Free Landing Pages

An attractive, responsive website is not an option for HVAC, Plumbers, and other contractors. Potential customers see you for the first time through a website/landing page tailored to that keyword.

Boost Great Reviews

Get fresh, positive reviews more often. Boost your Google Reviews ranking. Get great reviews on Google, Facebook, the BBB and more. You will get less friction, making more sales at higher margins.

Stop Wasting Money on SEO

Are you paying a monthly fee of $2000, $4,000, or more for search engine optimization?

Expert Pay Per Click Manager

Take the savings from SEO and boost your PPC campaign. And fire the Agency that kept taking those precious funds. 

How Can I Help You?

"Small contractors can't afford big PPC and website design agencies. I can do all they do, in a more personal way, at a lower cost to you. You get all the benefits without the expense." 


Bob has done an excellent job getting my contacting business up and running. He drives a lot of business my way with the website's he designed.

I have been doing business with Bob Rutledge since august of 2012. He has designed my website, managed my pay per click campaign. In short takes care of all...

Who is MicroManaged Media, Inc.?


Digital Marketing Senior Executive

Job One: Make Your Phone Ring

I started managing a pay per click campaign for my nutritional supplement business in 2002. Google was new. Yahoo was the main player. Does anyone remember Overture? My budget was $30,000 per month. It was my money, so I had to pay attention and learn.

In 2009 I began generating sales leads for HVAC, Plumbing, and other SMBs using a combination of mini sites, SEO, organic SERPs, and PPC.

Certified Google Partner

As a tested and certified Google Partner, you'll be pleased to know that 100% of the work will be done by me. I have the personal experience of spending $1,000,000 on Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

You get the benefit of real world experience. Few digital marketing agencies can make that claim.

Convert More Lookers to Clients

A responsive design makes it possible for mobile searchers who now make up over 67% of searches for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other service searches. Mobile users will hit the back button if a site doesn't look readable on a small screen. The don't care that you just paid $25 or more per click.

When they leave, they don't call. In fact, they will never call you because they perceive you are incompetent in all areas of your service, too.

Websites designed in house by MicroManaged Media give you a competitive advantage in that they convert at a higher rate than most of the large agency sites.

SEO is a Complete Waste of Your Money

I hear the horror stories. Expensive Search Engine Optimization campaigns that your distributor recommended. Traffic goes up, but phone calls don't. Ranking for DIY toilet repair generates traffic, not conversions.

Change is Traumatic

Change is scary. The fear of the unknown is a greater motivator than the desire to gain. Look at it from this perspective: They are stealing your money.

FIRE YOUR SEO! At the very least you'll save a lot of money, becasue all that "SEOing" is not working.

Painless Transition Saves You Money, Increases ROI

I have helped clients leave those big, useless, SEO agencies. Together, we'll map the way out and make sure you don't miss more business than you already are.

Reputation Management: Screen Out Bad Reviews. Promote Good Ones.

Constantly Gather Good Reviews

Contractors live and die by their reputation. Everyone gets bad reviews. Complainers complain. They leave bad reviews as revenge. Clients that have a great experience don't leave reviews. Now that is changing!

Review Management Software provides a systematic way for contractors to ask for and get good reviews.

Visit GetBetter.Reviews For More Information

What Separates Me from the Competition? Nothing... except inflated prices and contracts!

No Contracts

No contract! Get exceptional local search engine marketing services or fire us. It can be that simple.

All-In-One SEM

Its all about the PROCESS. Every step is covered for you resulting in a call that converts to a client at a great ROI.

Call Tracking

Track of all your campaigns. Know what works. Get all the call tracking numbers you'll need for all forms of marketing.

Stellar Support

This is not a big agency with a carousel of changing points of contact. You'll have my cell phone.

Ready to find out more? Call Bob for a Consultation.

Get more potential clients calling you and save money at the same time. I only work with one plumber, HVAC contractor, etc. in one locale, so spaces are limited.

Visit my newest client, Ultimate Pool Creations, LLC., a swimming pool builder in Robertsdale, AL. Trivia: Tim Cook of Apple Computers grew up in Robertsdale.


Still Not Convinced Enough to Call or Email ?

That's all right. I've been marketing plumbing, heating and air, and other SMBs since 2009. I've been doing Pay Per Click, building custom landing pages, helping businesses get better reviews, and more, for almost two decades.

The good Lord willing, I'll be doing local search engine marketing for plumbers, electricians, and heating and air contractors for years to come, so keep my info.


MicroManaged Media, Inc.

1120 Orlando DR

Foley, AL 36535