Digital Advertising

COVID-19 is making businesses that haven’t adapted to digital marketing realities of 2020 will have to do so quickly or fall by the way.

Relying on the ways of the past - advertising in print media, radio and TV broadcast ads, and direct mail postcards - will continue to shrink. It was already a smaller percentage of a complete marketing budget and that should excellerate now that people are sheltering in place.

If your business is to stay alive, let alone prosper, you’ll need to turn to digital methods.

Digital Marketing for Small Contractors
Digital Marketing for Small Contractors

That's the bad news but there is good news! The good news is digital marketing levels the playing field.

But if digital marketing were the answer then why do so many small businesses fail at it. The bottom line is they don't measure their marketing. In other words they don't track phone calls they don't track clicks to the website. They just set it and forget it. That is a recipe for disaster.

If ever there was a type of marketing that allowed for a b testing, digital marketing is it. Digital marketing allows us to track your ideal customer with a highly customised message. You can receive real-time data on whether or not your messages are effective. If they are, you increase their reach, and if they aren't you change them. It's that simple.

Running a marketing campaign on Google ads and Bing ads is very easy to set up. At least to the novice it seems that way. But it takes an experienced operator, one that has managed ad campaigns for decades, to get the most out of your marketing budget.

The same can be said about search engine optimization. By the time you've heard what should be done, those tactics no longer work. In fact search engine marketing is complete waste of money in most cases.

search engine marketing has gone to local. Everything is about proximity now. Where is the Searcher located in proximity to the business they are looking for.

My searches are done on cell phones now. Your smartphone is a computer. And its location is tracked whether you wanted to be or not. Therefore if you are looking for a roofing contractor in one ZIP code, and drive to another zip code, you will get totally different results.

If your digital marketing isn’t generating the results you want, rethink your marketing. Start with your brand. Most small businesses do not give a thought about their brand name. They go by there family name.

Or the business name that it was given when you first started. That strategy is not very effective anymore. People look up brand names. People recognize companies based on their brand names. Building a brand is a strategy you need to investigate.

This is an exciting time for brand building! Call Bob Rutledge today To get on the right path to building your small-business’ reputation using digital marketing as well as brand building.