Google Ads Pensacola FL

Google Marketing Expert

Service businesses from attorneys to heating and air contractors need sales leads. The best sales leads are the ones that call you, not the other way around. Google Ads is the best source for new clients.

Competition in the Google Ads and Other Top Listings

Advertising is not for the inexperienced. Google tries to make it easier for the small service business toi advertise but all they really do is make it easier for you to spend lots of money and still get no calls.

Ad Costs Are Soaring. Can You Make a Profit?

Experienced SEO and SEM like that provided by MicroManaged Media gets better quality scores, lowers the cost-per-click, and stretches ad dollars. If you’ve tried to do this on your own, you lost a lot of money fast. Stop and call Bob now!

Get More Conversions. They Visit Your Website, But Do They Call?

Visitors come to your website but they leave without calling. You need landing pages that convert to callers. For more than two decades, MicroManaged Media, Inc. has honed the skills required to put the right triggers in the right places on a webpage to get the client to pick up the phone and call you.

Micromanaged Media is Pensacola’s best digital marketing agency because of our experience. For twenty years, our owner, Bob Rutledge, has positioned his clients at the top of the search engine through paid and organic positioning. He has learned what works so that you can beat your competition. But that is just a part of the equation. He keeps costs low and still makes the phone ring. Call now to speak with Bob. He’ll get you new clients.