Photo Uploader Form/App

There are many reasons to take job site photos.You want to take before pictures to show the client that you didn’t cause damage that had already been there. You want to take after pictures to document how the well the project turned out. You want to take photographs of work being done. All of this looks good on your social media or in a court of law.

You’ve been meaning to consolidate and organize your job site photos. They are scattered on your phone, home computer, office computer, and employee’s phones. How can you pull them all together, safely stored in the cloud for years to come, yet available to your webmaster to create galleries on your website, post to social media, and use as progress reports for banks and clients?

Great News: I have developed an app that can take care of this!

Before and After Photos Draw Eyeballs on Social Media

Part of the services I provide my clients include posting to their social media accounts on a regular basis. But I must have fresh content to do that. Nothing like before and after pictures draw a crowd. So you’ve got to get those pictures to me.

The big question is how to share them with me in a convenient way. Well this app will take care of that. Install the app on your employees phones. Let them take the pictures and upload the files to the app. The app then automatically uploads them to the cloud where I have access to them for social media purposes and you will have a permanent copy of all the pictures in one location for your needs.

The app can be installed on your website so you can access it when you are on your computer.

The app will create a file system, too. That avoids having thousands of pics you have to sift thru.

I am always updating the app, so call or email me for a link to the latest version. I will be glad to do a screen-share of the data and how easy it is to share with other stakeholders.