Types of Search Engine Marketing

SEO comes in flavors. The search engine optimization activities for a local services business will be far different from an information oriented site that wants a nationwide or worldwide audience.

Fresh Content

I specialize in local SEO for contractors such as home remodeling, plumbers, and painters. They should be concerned about their local market. Traffic generated from a local market will be lower, so measuring the shear number of visits to a website can be misleading.

if your plumbing business ranks very high for the search term toilet or toilet repair you would get a lot of traffic from your website. Some of it will be from the  cities and towns on the east coast and some will be from cities and towns on the west coast.

If you are a heating and air conditioning contractor located in Hilton Head South Carolina what good is it going to do to be ranked at the top of the search engine in Daphne Alabama or Dallas Texas? Your search engine optimization contractor is showing you lots of reports with lots of traffic, but it's not converting into calls .

External Links

External links do not play as important a role for a local service contractor as they do for a business trying to market throughout the country.

An example of a good link for a local service contractor located in Alpharetta Georgia would be one from the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. The keyword phrase should be "Alpharetta Plumber" or a link to the company home page for your name.

Local Search Engine Marketing

The factors discussed above are important, they are not the most important thing that you must constantly work on. That would be your Google Business Profile Listing.

Google Business Profile is Local Search Engine Marketing

Your website and your Google Business Profile page can be coordinated now, they work together to prove to Google that you are a local expert in your service in your area.

Pages of content describing your services posted on your website should be linked to from your Google Business Profile page.

Local Search Engine Marketing is all Proximity to the searcher. You potential clients are looking for you online. They are looking for competent tradesman, priced competitively, and have good reviews.

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