Most Electrical Contractor PPC management agencies charge a percentage of ad spend + management fee: 15-30%, $500-$5,000/ month. Not me. Contractors typically hire Micromanaged Media to perform local search engine optimization, website design, including landing pages, paper click advertising, and social media marketing. That includes Googlebusiness profile management. So therefore all of this is a lot cheaper when you buy as a package. And there's never a contract obligation.

Hire a person that is a pay-per-click expert in the electrical industry. Get the personal service your firm deserves. One on one. I am located in south Alabama with low overhead so you get cheap ppc management without sacrificing skill level.

My name is Bob Rutledge and I have managed millions of dollars of ad spend on Google and Bing. I have managed PPC since before Google existed!

I'll be the one managing your electrician PPC account.

It's time for a change. This time hire an Expert, not an Agency. Pick up the phone and call Bob now at 251-220-7064.

Electrical Contractor Pay Per Click Marketing
Electrical Contractor Pay Per Click Marketing by Bob Rutledge
Electrical Contractor Pay Per Click Marketing
Electrical Contractor Pay Per Click Marketing

Since most of my electrician clients have partnered with my company, MicroManaged Media, for a decade or more, it's safe to conclude they have made a great return on their investment.

Is MicroManaged Media, Inc. a cheap pay per click agency?  No. I have lower overhead than the big agencies. This tremendous savings is passed on to my painting contractor clients.

I provide the same services and I typically do them better when it comes to small and medium sized electrical contractors.

Put two decades of experience in pay-per-click management to work for your electrical contractor business with no setup fee and no contract!

Call 251-220-7064 today or email.

Hire an expert Electrician PPC campaign manager instead.

If you are a current client of pay-per-click agencies like "High Priced" Marketing, you should consider switching your business to a leaner, more experienced expert.

"High Priced" has offices in California and New York. Taxes and rents are a huge burden.

Google and Bing pay per click advertising
Google and Bing pay per click advertising