Why Is Google Business Profile So Important To Flooring Contractors?

What does it cost to acquire a new flooring customer? Contractors in this industry need to calculate that number.

They also need to determine how much profit they make off of a customer. The lifetime value of a customer is an important calculation for everyone to make.

Knowing the cost of your customer, calculate how much you need to be putting into advertising. Google Business Profile generates 60 to 80% of all new customers coming into a business like a flooring contractor. Google Business Profile offers the best value proposition out there. It is far cheaper than acquiring new clients through advertising on Google and Microsoft ads.

How To Get Your Flooring Store in the Maps Listings

Google is always looking for fresh activity. That is true with your website. And that is true with your Google Business Profile page. You must do constant update both. You should be linking one to the other.

What Can A Flooring Store - Contractor Do To Show Up In the Maps More Often

As mentioned before, Google is looking for activity. That means answering your views. Even if they're bad reviews you must answer them. Acquiring new reviews is also very helpful to keeping fresh content on your Google Business Profile page.

Get Your Flooring Company's Google Business Profile Page Optimized and Add Relative, Fresh Content Weekly To Rank High In Google Maps

Google Business Profile For Flooring Contractors

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