Why Is Google Business Profile So Important To Heating And Air Contractors?

Paid advertising platforms such as Google ads and Microsoft ads have gotten ridiculously expensive. A single click to hvac contractor's ad can cost $100 to $200. How do you make a profit off of that?

A contractor's Google Business Profile page can generate up to 60% of all of the new clients they receive. It is a free listing and an exceptional value. It is good for your local proximity but it will not help you 20 miles away from your location. That's where paid advertising comes in.

How To Get Your AC Repair Company in the Maps Listings

Your Google Business Profile page is all about local.  Local listings in the 3 pack take top priority. So if you have a lot of competition in your area it's going to be quite the challenge. If their physical location is near your physical location you are going to have to scrap for every new lead you get from Google Business Profile.

Your competition has hired a local SEO to constantly post new content to your Google Business Profile page. To compete you will have to as well. Only you will have to do it better. That's what we do!

What Can An Air Conditioning Contractor Do To Show Up In the Maps More Often

Heating and Air contractors are abundant in most metropolitan areas. Look around your area. How many other heating and air contractors are located within the 2-mile radius? That is a determining factor in how successful you are going to be getting your Google Business Profile listing to show up on Google Maps.

You will need to hire a local SEO, Google Business Profile expert to constantly update and provide fresh information on your GMB page. On the other hand, if you are the only heating and air contractor in a 5-mile radius, which is a pipe dream, you should have no problem at all showing up at the top of the Google Maps 3 pack section .

Get Your AC Repair Google Business Profile Page Optimized and Add Relative, Fresh Content Weekly To Rank High In Google Maps

Air Conditioning Contractor Google Business Profile Page

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