Why is Google Business Profile So Important to Painting Contractors?

house painting is a competitive business to say the least. A painting contractor needs to work on his Google Business Profile profile because the information found here will trigger them being found more often in the 3-pack or Google Map section. If you are not being found locally it is because your Google 3 pack listing needs work.

How To Get Your Painting Contractor in the Maps Listings

Google is becoming very photograph oriented. In other words you need to be posting pictures and descriptions of your work. As a painting contractor you need to show your employees up ladders with a paintbrush in their hand. It sounds elementary but that's what it's all about.

The total number of Google reviews is not that important in the ranking. But the reviews must be good, or it will harm your click thru rate. Google Business Profile listing is where you moderate your Google reviews. Always answer your reviews good or bad.

What Can A Painting Contractor Do To Show Up In the Maps More Often

Posting pictures and articles on your Google Business Profile page about the work you do is the best thing you can do to show up more often in the 3-pack. However most contractors are so busy they don't have time to do this themselves there for you need to hire a trusted expert to do this for you. The wording of your articles and the nature of your photographs are very important and a person experience in this field will know what to post and what not to post.

Get Your House Painter's Google Business Profile Page Optimized and Add Relative, Fresh Content Weekly To Rank High In Google Maps

Google Business Profile For Painting Contractors

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