Why is Google Business Profile So Important to Renovation Contractors?

are you a home improvement or remodeling contractor looking for local leads? It's getting tougher and tougher! The cost of Google ads and even Microsoft ads is soaring. You need a Competitive Edge by managing your Google Business Profile page. That will be the source of 60% of your new clients.

How To Get Your Home Remodeling Company in the Maps Listings

Active management. Actively managing your Google Business Profile page requires time and expertise. You need someone that knows a lot about local search engine marketing. Local SEO is not something you can do yourself.

Any service contractor that has big dollar projects of like a home renovation contractor is going to draw a lot of competition. Your Google Business Profile page will help bring in people from your local area only. But that said, you have to compete against the other remodeling contractors in your area to get chosen to be in the Google 3 pack or Maps section.

What Can A Home Improvement Contractor Do To Show Up In the Maps More Often

Constantly posting updated, relevant content to your Google Business Profile page has one strategy to get you in the local Google Business Profile listings on the maps. Another way is to do pay per click advertising and Link it to your local listing. Micromanage media has the skill and knowledge necessary to pull this off at a great ROI.

Get Your Remodeling Contractor Google Business Profile Page Optimized and Add Relative, Fresh Content Weekly To Rank High In Google Maps

Google Business Profile Renovation Remodeling Contractor

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